Unusual crankcase induction reed-valve Lambretta TS1 setup on the Scooterotica dyno

This machine was brought in for dyno at Scooterotica quite some time ago, this was a bit of a coo at the time, it being a crankcase induction Lambretta TS1, which was most unusual. Scooter mechanics and enthusiasts will be aware, that Lambretta engines are traditionally piston-port inlet, and tuned items are reed-valve tuned, with the inlet being fed into the cylinder. In this example, however, the cylinder inlet was blanked off, and fabrication work was undertaken to allow a reed-valve inlet into the case... a large one at that. The results on were good, though not overwhelming. Obviously back-to-back 'before and after' dyno tests were not possible on this engine, as the conversion was already done when presented to us.... but that certainly would have been the most interesting data result to track, had it been possible. Outside of the dyno, though, his scooter was well known within certain circles as being quick, reliable and a pleasure to ride.... so maybe or the results speak for themselves?

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