Scooter Ride-out: YSA Knaresborough - Wetherby 2019 Lambretta & Vespa. First ride out of the season!

Nearly 1000 scooters set off together at the YSA Knaresborough to Wetherby 2019 Lambretta & Vespa. First ride out of the season, and the best in Yorkshire!

The ScooterFactory - Stemming from our interest in classic Lambretta and Vespa scooters, Dan Clare & Sean Brady operated 'Scooterotica' classic scooter garage. Since then, Dan launched the UKs No1 classic scooter forum, and is now working as the Editor at the UK's No1 classic scooter magazine... Scootering.

Beyond that, the expanding digital market and technical advancement in communication tech have provided the platform to get more messages of interest out to a dynamic market... an opportunity we intend to make maximum use of here at the Scooter Factory. Our future digital plans will expand across many areas of general interest and will not be limited (in the future) to the classic scooter market.

Keep your eyes peels, and be sure to subscribe! :)

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