Lambretta UNI Engine Casing - Tech Spec - Inc Chain Case Cover & Mag Housing - Unboxing Review

As part of the new engine I'm building for myself, a TS1240, I have purchased a complete set of UNI engine cases. Considering the ever-increasing rarity, as well as continued price hikes, for both used Italian cases as well as the previously more affordable/available SIL cases, other options merit exploration.

There is an abundance of stunning after-market cases now available for both Vespa & Lambretta scooters, some offering not just a 'direct component replacement', but also including various design improvements and specification upgrades. These vary wildly in price, and so in pursuit of something which balances availability, quality, design upgrades... as well as cost, these are the items I'm running with on this build.

This video is a simple unboxing, with a brief overview of each component, and the design improvements that are incorporated in each.

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