Lambretta TargaTwin Test Ride -Take 2. Better footage from DragonTouch 4K ActionCam

After an initial test ride, it became immediately apparent that the original 'budget motovlog rig' was not fit for purpose, the vibration through the handlebars meant the iPhone 8plus just wasn't cutting it.

As far as the scooter goes, the chassis seems spot on... brake, tyre, rim and suspension combo works well and inspires confidence. Gearing and jetting now need tweaking, as the scooter accelerates rapidly and sounds gorgeous, but soon runs out of steam at the top end.

Changes will now be made, so that we can undertake a longer road test, with various checks and data gathering. For now, its a fun 'back road blaster' but until gearing and jetting are sorted, you wouldn't want to go a long distance on it... yet!

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