Lambretta TargaTwin Clubman vs Expansion Exhaust Pipe - StreetSleeper Update

As much as I wanted to persevere with the Clubman for the TargaTwin street-sleeper, it's just not giving the ride that I want for this scooter. The power delivery at 26.5bhp is pretty much bang on where I expected it would be, but peak power is down at 6000rpm, which is lower than I expected, and with minimal (just a few hundred rpm) over-rev available, it is just not giving the performance that I personally want. It feels like I'm just getting going, and then it's time to change gear all too soon. The scooter does whizz through the gears, which is great but it runs out of steam too soon for me. With 4.8 ratio on the gearing already, I could go 1 tooth higher on the front and move to 4.6 with a 20 tooth sprocket, but I'll still only be 3-4mph or so better off, which still isn't enough. So I'm moving to the expansion, to take advantage of the extra revs, and the associated speed increase that will bring, with no need to re-gear. On to the next stage!

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