Ben & Ray Kemp of AF Rayspeed test new Lambretta prototype engine casings from UNI

Uni Auto International has been able to produce and test the Lambretta 200cc engine casing that it has been working on. A prototype batch was manufactured, assembled, and tested by experienced dealer AF Rayspeed.

Additional features incorporated into Uni 200cc Lambretta engine casings:

■ Uni casings are made by high-pressure die-cast technology using high-grade alloys and state of the art equipment. This ensures high-quality finish, strength and dimensional accuracy to withstand long term stress, wear and tear.

■ The cylinder base surface has been enlarged to match the transfer ports of performance cylinder kits. This additional material not only facilitates further tuning but also reduces the chances of damaging the casing during removal and installation of mag flange.

■ The mag side and drive side transfer shapes have been optimized to improve their symmetry and aid smooth gas flow.

■ The outside diameter of the primary compression area has been beefed up with extra aluminium. This ensures that the crank area can be bored out 4mm larger to facilitate the fitment of larger diameter crank webs without the risk of weakening the casing.

■ Engine bump stop has been redesigned with more clearance for a variety of tyres.

■ Areas around the engine mounts have been strengthened to ensure that these can take additional stress.

■ Support ribs around the gearbox end plate have been strengthened to ensure that these are not damaged while removing the endplate.

■ The rear brake shoe pivot pins and the rear brake cam hole have been optimally located to ensure even application of brake shoes and improved braking performance.

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